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Meet the Red Bird of Peling Island

After observing the agile movements of the Sula Scrubfowl in Koyobunga Village, we continued our journey to Patukuki Village. In this village, we can find another unique bird, the Sula Pitta. We move on to Lasa at 09:17 am.

Lasa is a waterfall tourist site located in Patukuki Village and is managed independently by Amran and the local community. Lasa is named after a mushroom in the local language. Based on this, Amran hopes to cultivate tourism management efforts that consider natural sustainability. The logo they use illustrates the concept of conservation that can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Lasa's strengths are not only its waterfalls, but also its birdwatching location for the Sula Pitta or Pitta erythrogaster. This red beauty is an Indonesian endemic species that can only be found in the Sula and Banggai Islands. They inhabit tropical and subtropical rainforests, both in the lowlands and in the mountains.

"It's not only Sula Pitta that we can see here. If you're lucky, you can find Banggai Crow, Banggai Fruit-dove, Sulawesi Serpent-eagle, Ruddy Kingfisher, or Banggai Cuscus," Amran explains to me.

Sula Pitta di Lasa, Peling Island (Photo: Burung Indonesia/Eunike Taroreh)

The route to the Sula Pitta observation site took us up the steep slopes typical of karst mountain topography. It was steep and slippery. After arriving, we occasionally joked around to unwind and catch our breath.

In less than fifteen minutes, the red beauty with its tiny size jumped and occasionally flew quickly to eat the food prepared by Amran. I was amazed at its beautiful color and unique size. Every now and then she would jump up and make a distinctive sound. A two-tone vibrating whistle, rising at the beginning, and a descending wail at the end.

Eight pairs of eyes with smiles enjoying the bird's behavior. The atmosphere in the observation area always makes me feel uneasy, with a position that requires silence and minimum movement, it makes me enjoy and be challenged even more. I was so happy that it was 12:30 pm, and we had been hypnotized by the Sula Pitta for about an hour.

We're leaving!

Story by: Eunike Priskila Grace Taroreh | Burung Indonesia Community Facilitator

Tim Burung Indonesia di lokasi pengamatan burung paok sula (Foto: Burung Indonesia)