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Second Meeting of Advisory Committee for CPEF Wallacea

On 20 October 2015, Burung Indonesia as Regional Implementation Team (RIT) for CEPF Wallacea, organised Advisory Committee’s second meeting in Forest Protection and Nature Conservation Office in Bogor. In the meeting attended by representatives of the government, NGOs, and private sector, RIT explained the process of call for proposals and on-going grant payment process at the moment.

From September to October 2015, the RIT had opened call for proposals for small and large grants for Prioritised Funding Areas (PFA) Sangihe-Talaud and North Sulawesi Marine Corridor as well as Seram and Buru Marine Corridor. The total amount of grants for those two PFAs was USD120,000.

During the discussion session, there was a question pertaining to targets for every CEPF Strategic Direction. Accordingly, the RIT’s Team Leader, Adi Widyanto replied that there are indicators to assess the target results for hotspot level and there are minimal targets for every strategic direction. “Additionally, we also described the funding allocation and priorities for each strategic direction in the Wallacea’s Ecosystem Profile,” he said.

The discussion also emphasised the importance of establishing a synergy between grantees and other stakeholders. For example, if the site locations overlap with existing official protected areas or areas that are managed by other parties, collaboration and synergy are needed to ensure impacts to be achieved are according to CEPF’s strategic directions.