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Centre for Conservation-Based Economic Development is Now Present in Gorontalo Province

Pohuwato (8/11) – Burung Indonesia inaugurated the establishment of the Integrated Economic Development and Conservation Center in Popayato-Paguat Landscape, which also known as the B'Maleo Conservation & Development Learning Centre, in collaboration with the Natural Resources Conservation Agency for the Conservation Region II Gorontalo. This event also commemorates the National Day of Love for Puspa and Animals.

B'Maleo inauguration inscription was signed by the Governor of Gorontalo, Rusli Habibie and the Regent of Pohuwato, Syarif Mbuinga, and witnessed by the Chairwoman of the Board of Birdlife Indonesia Association, Ani Mardiastuti and the Executive Director of Burung Indonesia, Dian Agista. The event was also attended by the representatives of policy makers, related institutions, the members of Provincial Steering Committee, non-government organizations, academics, environmental activist organizations, communities in the six villages assisted by the Burung Indonesia, and communities around the site office.

The establishment of B’Maleo was intended to encourage the productive economy of rural communities in the program’s area, support the communities’ learning activities through Agriculture Learning Centre, become the centre of the communities’ processed products, and encourage efforts to conserve birds and their habitats.

The Executive Director of Burung Indonesia, Dian Agista, explained, “We named the facility B’Maleo, or Belle Maleo. Maleo is the endemic bird of Sulawesi which not only has protected status but is also endangered. It is expected that the name will remind and encourage all parties to take part in conserving the bird and its habitat through an everlasting and sustainable landscape management.”

Through B’Maleo, Burung Indonesia initiated and developed several environmental-based pilot programs, such as fodder production houses, coconut oil, nitrogen fertilizers, renewable energy utilization using solar panels, plastic waste processing, agricultural equipment workshops and other integrated activities. B'Maleo is also a place for communities to learn to process agricultural products into higher economic value products such as cocoa, chips, palm sugar, honey, red ginger powder, etc.

Since 2009, Burung Indonesia has been contributing to conservation in Gorontalo Province, supported by the local government, communities and other parties. Sustainable Landscape Management has become the core program in the “Maleo Land”, as a realization of commitment to the development program implemented by the Gorontalo Provincial Government. “I expect that the B’Maleo Conservation & Learning Centre and infrastructures in the villages will continue to be utilized and well-maintained so that it can be used by the next generations,” said Habibie, the Governor of Gorontalo.