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Burung Indonesia carries out community-based conservation actions and collaborates with various stakeholders.

The Mbeliling Landscape consists of forest and non-forest areas with an estimated total area of 94,000, covering five sub-districts namely Komodo, Sano Nggoang, Mbeliling, Lembor and South Lembor in West Manggarai Regency. The forest area consists of the Mbeliling and Sesok main forest blocks.

Paguat Popayato Landscape is located in Pohuwato and Boalemo Regencies with an area of 354,237.78 Ha. This landscape consists of hills and mountains dominated by natural forests with the status of protected forest areas, production forests, limited production forests, and conservation areas.

Hutan Harapan is the first Ecosystem Restoration concession area in Indonesia to be managed for the purpose of ecosystem restoration—the process of reclamation of habitats and ecosystem functions by restoring the land and waters on which plants and animals depend.

Java Island with an area of about 128,297 km2, has many volcanoes because geographically it is part of the Sunda Volcanic Arc. Of the 38 mountains scattered along the island, 20 of them are in Burung Indonesia's working area: western Java.

Sumba is important in terms of global biodiversity. The uniqueness of the ecosystem and the type of wildlife has placed Sumba Island as one of 23 Endemic Bird Areas in Indonesia. The Sumba Hornbill, Red-naped Fruit-dove and eight other bird species are not found anywhere on earth except Sumba. This island also provides 24 Key Biodiversity Areas.

The abundant biodiversity in the Wallacea Region is distinct from that of species in Asia, Australia and Papua New Guinea. Wallacea is home to 560 species, of which 254 are marine species, including 110 endemic marine species in the Critical (three species) and Critical (25 species) categories. Of the 697 bird species in this area, 249 of them are endemic with various rarity statuses.