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Burung Indonesia's New Workspace

We are excited to announce that our office has been relocated to a new location on 15 April 2023. This new and improved workspace will be located at: Komplek Baranangsiang Indah, Jl. Jatiluhur C8 No. 9B, RT.06/ RW.04, Katulampa, Bogor Timur, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat, 16144

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A Conservation Collaboration for Wallacea’s Marine

Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) kembali memberikan kepercayaan kepada Burung Indonesia sebagai Regional Implementation Team (RIT) untuk Program Kemitraan Wallacea-II (PKW-II). PKW-II berfokus pada program perlindungan ekosistem pesisir dan peningkatan pendapatan berkelanjutan pada sektor perikanan

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In Loving Memory of Dr. Kathy Mackinnon

Last week we lost one of the most influential conservationists of our time, Dr. Kathy MacKinnon. Many of those working in nature conservation in Indonesia would have crossed paths with her or at least would

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Press Release

Press Release: Enjoying the Presence of Birds in Urban Areas

As agents of pollination, insect pest control and seed dispersal, birds are important for sustainability of natural ecosystems in the urbans. The presence of birds in urban areas is one indicator of good environmental quality. But, in the midst of busy urban life in Indonesia, how many people are aware of their presence or even recognize the birds around them?

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