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Banggai Kepulauan


The Banggai area consists of the Banggai (9,673 km²), Banggai Kepulauan (2,489 km²) and Banggai Laut (725.7 km²), all three of which are administrative districts in the eastern part of Central Sulawesi Province. In general, these three areas are rich in potential natural resources, both from the sea (fish, shrimp, pearls, seaweed), agricultural products (copra, oil palm, cocoa, rice, sweet potatoes) and mining (nickel).

The extensive marine area of Banggai lies in the center of the Coral Triangle, the most diverse marine area in the world. Because it is also located in the Wallacea Region, Banggai also has a wealth of endemic biodiversity, which is reflected in the large number of KBAs in this area: six terrestrial KBAs and three marine KBAs.

Based on a biodiversity survey, Burung Indonesia noted the Banggai Crow, Banggai Scops-owl and Peling Tarsius as endemic species found on Peling, the largest island in the Banggai Kepulauan. Another endemic species in the Banggai region is the Banggai Cardinalfish, which is categorized as Threatened by the IUCN. A number of factors, such as overuse of natural resources and biota, hinder the long-term protection of this species. Therefore, there is a need for habitat protection and better ecosystem management.

The Ministry of Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia has designated a marine and coastal area of 856,649 hectares in Banggai as a Marine Conservation Area in 2019. This area is a habitat for many fish species that are economically crucial for the region.