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Cycling in the First Restoration Forest in Indonesia

The uniqueness and richness of Hutan Harapan is not only enjoyed by the environmental enthusiasts, forestry practitioners, scientists and nature conservation institutions, but also for all people. As a way to manage production as a restoration ecosystem area, the management of Hutan Harapan develops wildlife tourism.

Biodiversity monitoring and observing the Hutan Harapan Landscape from a tree platform are a few activity options available for visitors of wildlife tourism. The latest, which has been released today, is a cycling race named “Tumble in the Jungle”. The Denmark Ambassador, Casper Klynge, and the Denmark’s Ministry of Development Cooperation, Ulla Tørnæs, were visiting Indonesia at the moment and were able to attend the launching. Both officially inaugurated the occasion and joined the cycling tour on the race arena. The race itself will be organized in the near future.

Since 2011, the Denmark Government has been supporting the implementation of the conservation program and the development of restoration ecosystem concession concept in Hutan Harapan Forest. During the visit, Casper Klynge and Ani Mardiastuti, the Chairwoman of the Board of Burung Indonesia, signed an agreement on Denmarks’ support implementation for the next six months as a guarantee of locals’ livelihood and to cease deforestation in the Hutan Harapan area.

The ecosystem restoration efforts conducted by PT REKI, the management of Hutan Harapan, aims to restore the biological elements (flora and fauna) and non-biological components (soil, climate and topography) in the area in order to achieve the ecosystem balance. The efforts are real actions to maintain and restore the condition of Sumatra’s very important lowland forest.