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Learn to Protect the School Environment So the Birds Keep Singing

Facing the daily grind sometimes makes urbanites indifferent to the beautiful birds and their chirping around them. However, innocent children are the ones who are most aware of their existence.

To raise that awareness, students of Al Jabr Islamic Elementary School Jakarta visit Burung Indonesia office in Bogor, on Thursday (23/03). This visit is part of the learning material regarding the dependence of biodiversity on the management of the balance of organisms in the environment.

The dawn was just breaking when they arrived. Some birds were chirping and perching on the tree branches around the office. Fruit trees are indeed a favorite shade for urban birds. Six students eagerly took turns asking 15 questions that they had prepared in advance.

The knowledge gained during the dialogue with the Burung Indonesia staff is intended to make them understand the effects of environmental changes on the preservation of bird populations in the school area. Birds are animals that are very sensitive to changes in their environment. This is because birds have an attachment to a fairly specific habitat or to a particular food source. Many types of fruit trees or insects, which are a source of bird feed, are also affected by the same cause.

A number of students also asked about the behavior of birds in urban areas that they usually see. From this visit, they will return with knowledge about the impact of environmental changes on bird populations, and will invite their friends at school to be active in preserving the environment.