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Biodiversity Day: Our Solutions are in Nature

Biodiversity has become the main pillar for life on earth that produces resources, food, medicine, materials, and energy, and even plays a significant role in shaping culture and civilization on Earth. Indonesia is one of the countries with highest biodiversity. In terms of bird diversity, Indonesia currently has 1,794 bird species.

Over time, the increase of the human population— has now reached billions—has led to high demand for food, shelter, medicine and industry. To cope up the demand, widespread land clearing and unsustainable utilization of natural resources have been conducted to date, driving environmental damage day by day.

The United Nations through the Convention on Biological Diversity chose “Our Solutions Are in Nature” as the main slogan of this year's International Biodiversity Day commemoration. In addition, the UN also stressed the importance of lowering the curve of biodiversity loss. Thus, there are two things that should be our common concern, namely re-realizing the importance of the role of nature and biodiversity in it for life.

The World Conservation Agency (IUCN) noted that more than 31,000 species of flora and fauna are currently facing extinction, including birds. Scientists said the loss of biodiversity sources causes a lot of harm to living things, especially humans. The biggest loss in the last few decades, apart from climate change and the increase in earth's temperature, was the rampant transmission of viruses from animals to humans which has led to a global pandemic. Illegal catching and domestication of animals are triggers for transmission that were actually avoidable.

On the other hand, the loss of biodiversity also contributes to the earth’s resilience in facing climate change. How can carbon be absorbed if there were no forests? What would happen when birds and natural pollinating insects disappeared? It would be difficult for farmers to produce food. Also, if the oceans continued to be polluted and marine ecosystems were lost, how would our fishermen survive?

Given that all living things including us are part of biodiversity, world leaders are calling for “build back better”, which means to conduct improved rebuilding. Through working together across all fronts, we can build the resilience of nations and community groups. Happy Biodiversity Day.