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“Menghadap Laut” Event in Gorontalo and West Manggarai

Responding to the national agenda “Menghadap Laut 2.0” initiated by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Burung Indonesia organized beach clean-up actions in its working areas in Gorontalo and Flores. The annual event was held concurrently on 8 at 74 points throughout Indonesia on 18 August 2019. At the peak of the event, a 74 meters long red and white cloth--representing the Indonesian national flag—was stretched along the beach, along with the song “Padamu Negeri” in the background.

In Gorontalo, the event took place at Pohon Cinta Beach, Marisa City, Pohuwato Regency, attended by 250 people from various backgrounds. The Regent of Pohuwato urges all communities to participate in protecting the sea and coastal resources. Amsurya W. Amsa, the Gorontalo Programme Manager of Burung Indonesia, said that although it was the first time in Pohuwato, this annual agenda was the starting point for a joint commitment to the protection and preservation of coastal resources.

At least 470.59 kg of waste was collected both from land and from seabed. The seabed waste, which was collected by the POSSI team and Free Dive Gorontalo, was also evidence that the waste dumped into the sea settles in the ocean. Furthermore, the waste was processed by the Integrated Waste Management Unit owned by the local Environmental Service. The participants attending the event also signed a joint commitment to protect the ocean.

In Rangko Beach on Flores, 230 people participated in the event and managed to collect 261 kg of waste, most of which are difficult to decompose. The waste was collected in an area of ​​8,000 square meters then taken to the landfill by the Environmental Services of West Manggarai Regency.

Polluted ocean has recently been the center of attention and the “Menghadap Laut” event was a perfect event to mobilize all levels of society to respond to this issue. As part of efforts to preserve the environment and biodiversity, Burung Indonesia joined in to support the movement. Preserving marine ecosystems are also important for birds and other species. (ARI)