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Water is finally flowing in our village

Not everyone can access clean water easily. This kind of difficulty has been experienced by residents living in Titipa Village in East Wasile District, East Halmahera Regency, North Maluku Province. They have very limited access to clean water and only depend on a small river located to the east of the village area.

The water source that comes from this river then utilized as the main source of water for every community in Titipa Village. They must walk for about 500 meters carrying a empty gallon that will be used to collect water and brought back to each house. This activity has become an obligation that must be done every day.

This kind of activity is often observed in the morning and evening, when people will walk to the river to bathe or to collect water to fulfill their daily needs. This kind of difficulty in obtaining clean water sources has been going on for a very long time, since the catastrophic flash flood that submerged and washed away community settlements in 2009. Some community members then decided to move to the current location of Titipa Village. Previously, they lived around the Totodoku area, which is one kilometer away from the current location.

Various efforts have been tried, both by government agencies and other institutions to improve the clean water problems experienced by the people of Titipa Village. One of the efforts was to use a pipe that was immersed in the river and then pulled using a machine to bring water into a reservoir located in the village. However, this did not last long for several reasons. First, the water machine heats up easily and often breaks down; Second, the community does not want to pay for the electricity subsidized by the local government according to the initial agreement; Third, the water is often polluted.

Burung Indonesia then encouraged the community to jointly find a solution to the problem. This was marked by a five-day search for water sources by exploring forest areas and hilly areas around Titipa Village. Finally, on November 7, 2023, the spring that became the hope for the community's life was found and then agreed together so that it could be followed up in a follow-up meeting regarding the utilization of the clean water source.

The new spring when it was first discovered (Photo: Burung Indonesia/Novandi)

Based on the results of the deliberation, community service was carried out within the village community on November 13, 2023 to clean up and transport materials and build a reservoir at the spring location. This activity took place in several stages and was carried out independently by community and Burung Indonesia, both for the procurement of construction materials and water pipes.

The distance between the springs and the steep paths and conditions along slippery and rocky paths, had made it difficult for community in every process. It was not uncommon for people to fall down during the transportation of materials and installation of pipes due to the difficult terrain. But the hope and dream of having a clean water source that will continue to flow even when the community is asleep keeps them excited.

Until finally, on March 2, 2024-after 15 years since they decided to move in 2009 and after going through various grueling construction processes for four months-for the first time the people of Titipa Village had a spring that could flow directly into each house, even when the community was asleep. A sense of happiness while shaking their heads appeared on every face of the community when they saw the water flowing slowly into every house.

"Finally the water is flowing in our village," they said gratefully.

Now the community in Titipa Village has unlimited clean water facilities (Photo: Burung Indonesia/Novandi)